Our Offered Services

PulStar Adjusting Technique

PulStar is a computerized analysis and digitally-controlled therapeutic impulses applied to spinal manipulations.  Using the instrument, the doctor touches each vertebra down your spine from top to bottom.  As this is done, the instrument delivers a gentle "tap" sending signals to a computer.  At the end of the analysis, the computer averages all the readings and provides a detailed picture of you spinal function.  The doctor then uses the instrument to provide kinetic impulses to the fixated spinal joint.  The treatment is gentle and powerful.  PulStar is an effective alternative for people who are hesitant about having their spine "popped and cracked". 

Innate Brain Training

Innate Brain Training is using NeurOptimal Technology to reset unusual deviations in your brain wave function.  Using NeurOptimal Technology it trains your brain to use its own innate intelligence to work towards "dynamic stability".  Your brain becomes more efficient, consumes less energy, and handle stress with greater ease.

ONE (Optimum NeuroMatrix Expression)

 ONE is a powerful combination of two high-tech systems: the PulStar analysis and adjusting instrument and the NeurOptimal Innate Brain Training system.  Each system has a synergistic effect on the other to produce maximum benefit in minimum time.  

 It is a 3-step process including the PulStar adjustment, activation of the body's proprioceptive stability system and Innate Brain Training using NeurOptimal Technology. 

Workman's Compensation

We accept and will work with workman's compensation, so that you may go back to work sooner and moving better.

Auto Accidents

Have you been in an auto accident recently or suffered from any auto related injuries.  The techniques used in the office will get your body healing, balanced and back on track.


We accept all major insurances available in Hawaii.  We also accept and work with Medicare and the VA.